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2 Pounds Never Looked So Good

Do you want to look better in and out of your clothes, improve your health, and perform better in the gym? If so, go grab your scale and get rid of it.

Seriously !!!

Whenever somebody tells me that he or she is going to get in shape, it’s always something like: “I’m going to lose 50 pounds,” or if “I can just get down to ___ I’ll be good.”

I’m here to tell you not to step on the scale anytime soon. Why? Because although picking a goal number for weight loss is a decent starting point (and definitely good to set goals), your scale certainly doesn’t tell the whole story and can send you on an unnecessary roller coaster of emotions (which I have to eventually deal with, haha!)

This is the PERFECT before and after to help validate my point. Here is a very committed KEEN FITNESS member, who never spoke to me in numbers but instead set goals that were not weight oriented.

What? Really? Yes!!! There is only a 2 pound  difference between both pictures, but a SIGNIFICANT difference in her body! A HUGE transformation, if you ask me.

So What Gives?  This should help you wrap your head around it more:

  • Muscle is more dense than fat, and that’s why a woman who’s been training hard and despite losing fat , she hasn’t seen the number on the scale change very much, if at all.  It’s because she’s built muscle during her training. My client (pictured in this post) clearly looks leaner, more toned and more athletic. Good thing she didn’t let the number on the scale upset her!

Here is what she had to say:

Hey Ankeen! The picture on the left (eek) was taken early 2015 – yes, I took a couple of breaks lol – and the picture on right was taken a few weeks ago. Although on the scale Ive only lost 2 lbs, I have never felt healthier and stronger than I do today and best of all I have lots of energy to run after my kids. Thanks to you and all the coaches at keen fitness!

Use these tools as your new “scale”

  • How do you look in the mirror?
  • How are your clothes fitting you?
  • How do you feel? Strong and healthy? Do you have more energy?
  • Are you eating well? Are you training consistently?


Testimonials and Photos like this one from my clients just add to the daily passion I have:  helping women build strength and love for their bodies.

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Before & After: Strong Sisters Edition

Just wanted to share with you all our latest success story out of KEEN Fitness.  Meet Mineli and Preny, sisters on a mission to get fit, healthy, and happy.  Well, pictures speak more than words.. so check out their transformations below.  A combined wight loss of 65 pounds between them!

What’s their secret? THERE IS NO SECRET!  You gotta stay consistent, dedicated, patient, and above all, positive!  #OURHOUSE




Lost 35 lbs!


Lost 30 lbs







fitness gym women glendale

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WTF is Ankeen Saying?

WTF is Ankeen Saying?

So it’s your first class at Keen Fitness and you have no idea what you are doing or better yet what you are getting yourself into. All you see is this crazy lady yelling on top of her lungs and some jargon you don’t understand. At this point all you are thinking is, what the hell did she just say?

Yes, this can be bit intimidating. Rest assure, I am here to break it down for you.

Before we begin, let’s see how many you can get correct.

Here they are:




 Now, let’s see how well you did.

  • WOD: Simply means “workout of the day.” It’s that torturous, makes-you-want-to –cry-and-vomit , feel like a badass rockstar-type of workout.
  • AMRAP: This means “as many rounds/reps as possible.” A set of moves and reps are given and you must do as many in the timed allotted.
  • FOR TIME: The workout you are doing will be timed. So go FAST!
  • EMOTM: One of my favorites! EMOTM stands for “Every minute on the minute”. Every time a minute starts, you do a specific exercise or set of move(s), you rest until the next minute starts. Then you do it all over again for the prescribed amount of time.
  • RX: This simply means you did the workout “as prescribed” – with no modifications to movements or weights. For example, I look at you and give you a number, you grunt and move slowly to put the weight on your bar and end up completing the workout like a rockstar. (of course thanking me after because you didn’t believe in yourself.) You’re welcome!
  • TABATA: Definitely intense! 4 min long timed workout that consists of 20 sec of intense exercise followed by 10 seconds of rest, repeated 8 times. Just remember to throw up in the toilet and not the sink. (Just kidding)


Now for the bonus points:

Bonus 1

  • #WWAD: You would have to be a long time Keen Fitness OG to know this one. WWAD stands for “What would Ankeen do?” – thanks to our former gangster coach, Coach Lugene!


Bonus 2

So you hear me yelling “THIS IS NOT A SCIENCE PROJECT!”

There is absolutely no need to sit on the floor, cross your legs while adding weight to your bar. This is not a controlled experiment, with controlled variables in order to find a correlation in order to validate your theory. What the hell did I just say? I don’t know. Bottom line is you do not need to sit on the floor to assemble your weights!

I hope this helped!

Make sure to leave a comment below on how many you got right!


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My Dirty Little Secret

Ok ladies, its time I get something off my chest. I have a secret. I have had it as long as I can remember. I never wanted anyone to find out because they would not think I was the person they believed me to be. I thought once they found out they would think I was fat, lazy, unattractive, and unfit. What’s my dirty secret?

I have cellulite!

I have spent years evaluating it, looking at it and schemed about how to get rid of it. I thought about it every single day. Why am I so obsessed? Because every “FIT” woman I saw in magazines and on TV never had cellulite. So I thought to myself that I wasn’t fit enough to wear shorts or anything that revealed the back of my legs or my butt.


So what is cellulite?


Cellulite really has everything to do with the structure of our skin. The outermost layer of the skin is called the epidermis. Directly below the epidermis is the dermis, which contains things like hair follicles, sweat glands, and connective tissue. Under this is the first of two subcutaneous/fat layers. When this first layer of fat protrudes into the dermis, it causes the dimpling appearance we refer to as cellulite.  

Areas like women’s thighs and buttocks are especially prone to cellulite because that’s where we tend to store body fat (my trouble areas). I bet you’re still wondering why some women – even thin, lean, athletic women – tend to have cellulite while others do not. Genetics my friends. It took me many years and $$$ to finally believe that. Mother Nature decides if you are to be dimple free or not. 85-98% of females have cellulite. Yes! That means almost all women have cellulite.

Facts, research, and studies have shown us that cellulite isn’t a disease or problem of the obese. It’s normal. In fact, it is quite possible to be very lean, very fit, very athletic, and still have cellulite.  I encourage you to keep working out and keep eating well. Keep doing what makes you feel good and what you enjoy. But do it in shorts. Do it in bikini bottoms. Screw trying to hide the dimples. 


Stop worrying about what others will think. Its time to show what real fit, athletic woman look like!

I am fit. I eat a healthy diet. I am the strongest I’ve ever been in my entire life. I can see my abs… AND I have cellulite! 




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Keen Fitness Success Stories

Get Inspired by These Three Amazing Keen Fitness Members Who Worked Hard and Got RESULTS!


The girls at Keen Fitness have been working hard, and getting strong! They have been getting themselves here everyday with goals of feeling better and getting stronger! Let’s face it; looking better in the process is an awesome perk, too. Who doesn’t want results? Well, here at Keen Fitness, we have been seeing some jaw dropping RESULTS, and we are so proud of the dedication these incredible women have shown. It has been motivating and inspiring for us all to watch how committed each and everyone of the Keen Fitness girls are to changing their lives.

The best part is that we are having a lot of fun while doing it. The contagious energy that flows between these pink walls definitely keeps us going! Below we have shared three of the many amazing success stories at Keen Fitness. We hope that their stories will inspire you as much as they have inspired us. If you have been looking to feel amazing, get stronger, and look better than ever…then take it from these girls, and just start.


teresa-bnaTeresa achieved her dream body by working hard at Keen Fitness, and dedicating herself 100% to her goal. This mother of THREE started working with Ankeen in January and has lost an impressive thirty pounds! Beyond the weight loss, she has built endurance and gotten much stronger. Teresa’s story has inspired us all, and seeing her come to Keen Fitness every morning and continue her journey reminds us of the amazing things we can accomplish.









Gohar is another Keen Fitness success story that helps us realize that our goals are attainable. Since joining Keen Fitness in mid February, Gohar has gohar-bnalost an incredible 55 pounds! She has said that her journey at Keen has finally helped her end a 7-year struggle with her weight. After making a decision to better her life and health for herself, she followed Ankeen’s lead and reached her goals. Gohar has said that Ankeen has “changed her life” and she is “a new person because of Keen Fitness.”









armine-bnaKeen Fitness is no stranger to brides-to-be who are trying to look and feel their very best on their wedding day! With her stunning wedding gown as motivation, Armine did not lose sight of her goals. In just eight months, this bride-to-be completely transformed her body and looked amazing and happier than ever on her big day! She could not wait to put on her gorgeous dress. Armine worked hard, and got results. We are inspired by her commitment!

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