WTF is Ankeen Saying?

So it’s your first class at Keen Fitness and you have no idea what you are doing or better yet what you are getting yourself into. All you see is this crazy lady yelling on top of her lungs and some jargon you don’t understand. At this point all you are thinking is, what the hell did she just say?

Yes, this can be bit intimidating. Rest assure, I am here to break it down for you.

Before we begin, let’s see how many you can get correct.

Here they are:




 Now, let’s see how well you did.

  • WOD: Simply means “workout of the day.” It’s that torturous, makes-you-want-to –cry-and-vomit , feel like a badass rockstar-type of workout.
  • AMRAP: This means “as many rounds/reps as possible.” A set of moves and reps are given and you must do as many in the timed allotted.
  • FOR TIME: The workout you are doing will be timed. So go FAST!
  • EMOTM: One of my favorites! EMOTM stands for “Every minute on the minute”. Every time a minute starts, you do a specific exercise or set of move(s), you rest until the next minute starts. Then you do it all over again for the prescribed amount of time.
  • RX: This simply means you did the workout “as prescribed” – with no modifications to movements or weights. For example, I look at you and give you a number, you grunt and move slowly to put the weight on your bar and end up completing the workout like a rockstar. (of course thanking me after because you didn’t believe in yourself.) You’re welcome!
  • TABATA: Definitely intense! 4 min long timed workout that consists of 20 sec of intense exercise followed by 10 seconds of rest, repeated 8 times. Just remember to throw up in the toilet and not the sink. (Just kidding)


Now for the bonus points:

Bonus 1

  • #WWAD: You would have to be a long time Keen Fitness OG to know this one. WWAD stands for “What would Ankeen do?” – thanks to our former gangster coach, Coach Lugene!


Bonus 2

So you hear me yelling “THIS IS NOT A SCIENCE PROJECT!”

There is absolutely no need to sit on the floor, cross your legs while adding weight to your bar. This is not a controlled experiment, with controlled variables in order to find a correlation in order to validate your theory. What the hell did I just say? I don’t know. Bottom line is you do not need to sit on the floor to assemble your weights!

I hope this helped!

Make sure to leave a comment below on how many you got right!