Member of the Month (October 2019): Edita

We are proud to announce this month’s Member of the Month:🅔🅓🅘🅣🅐 🅐🅓🅐🅜🅘🅐🅝 Edita balances her full-time position at Lexus of Glendale as a Warranty Administrator then heads off to KEEN-Fitness […]

Member of the Month (October 2018): Leah

I view the Autumn season as a time of transition.  Leaving the hot summer months, seeing the tree leaves turn to orange, red and yellow and fall to the ground, […]

Member of the Month (September 2018): Sam

September marks the beginning of Autumn, and the end of Summer of course, when things go back into a routine, and school is back in session.  What a perfect month […]

Member of the Month (August 2018): Elena

A big part of being successful at KEEN, and in any fitness routine for that matter, is passion and emotional commitment.  You have to be all in, and you have […]

Member of the Month (June 2018): Helen

Summer is finally here (yay!) and y’all know how much I love this season.. especially enjoying the sun as it brightens up our beautiful LA days.  So why am I […]

Member of the Month (May 2018): Stella

We are so close to the official start of summer, and what better way to kick it off than to congratulate one of my bestie beasts on winning this month’s […]

Member of the Month (April 2018): Lernik

If you know me, you know how much I preach consistency and determination as the key to fitness success.  If you wanted a poster child for those 2 characteristics, it […]

Member of the Month (Mar 2018): Jennifer

So you know those people in your life, that are quiet, dainty, and gentle, yet you know that deep down, they are also bad asses with a lot of spark […]

Member of the Month (Feb 2018): Alida

I just realized that beyond the fact that Alida is a real force to be reckoned with and a beast babe at the gym, she is someone who brings cheer, […]

Member of the Month (Jan 2018): Kathy & Karine

So January is known to be “New Year New You” month right?  Well if there was a story that should motivate you to get up and get moving, it’s this […]

Motivation: The Key to a Better 2018

So just like that .. it’s the first day of 2018!  Let me start off by wishing everyone a Happy New Year. I’m sure you are tired of seeing all […]

Member of the Month (Nov 2017): Emily Vincent

There’s a lot of BEAST MODE ACTION that takes place at KEEN Fitness, but this month’s member of the month truly takes it to epic levels.  I’m extremely proud to […]

Member of the Month (Oct 2017): Tania Vartanians

Nope… that’s not Tania in costume.. and no she is not dressed up as a pregnant lady for Halloween.  She is actually pregnant as she continues to ROCK the gym […]

Member of the Month (Sept 2017): Cheryl De Vera

September is one of those months that it’s either very easy to fall of the band wagon, in terms of fitness, or you continue with your post-summer goals.  Typically staying […]

Member of the Month (August 2017): Salpi Pirverdian

What better way to kick-off (umm maybe the better word is “celebrate”) back-to-school than by honoring our August member of the month Salpi, a mom to a 7 year old […]

Member of the Month (July 2017): Maria Dzulfayan

I literally can’t get tired of our Member of the Month Posts because I am constantly inspired and amazed at every one of our power woman stories.  This month we […]

Member of the Month (April 2017): Crystal Bairian

This month’s member of the month lives up to the phrase, “So What’s Your Excuse?”  This woman literally came to the gym and kept up her fitness until her last month […]

Member of the Month (Mar ’17): Melineh Morad

I’m so proud of this month’s member of the month!  Melineh is the pure embodiment of perseverance, determination, and overcoming challenges.  Mel comes to the gym at least 4 times […]

Member of the Month (Jan ’17): Mania Hairapetian

What a great way to kick off the first month in the new year… with one of our “undercover beasts” being selected for the member oft the month … Mania […]

Member of the Month (Nov ’16): Kirstine Shirvanian

  I’m super excited to announce this month’s Member of the month, because this woman’s middle name can literally be changed to “COMMITMENT” !  She has demonstrated a crazy level […]

Keeping FIT while on Vacay

  We all live in a busy world. As much as we want to be able to stick to our normal gym schedule, life throws us curve balls: an emergency […]

Member of the Month (Oct ’16): Mama Silva

It’s a very special moment this month to announce our Member of the Month for October:  (Mama) Silva Alksanian.  She is a true hero for us, in all aspects of the […]

Member of the Month (Sept ’16): Jen

We’re excited to announce this month’s Member of the Month! All of our members are bad asses, so it makes this decision a truly difficult one.  But this member has […]

Member of the Month: Dinah

Welcome to our member of the month blog series, where we want to shine the spotlight on one of our awesome KEEN ladies who has shown amazing character, strength, progress, performance, motivation, […]

Voyage LA Article: Meet La Crescenta Fitness Trainer: Ankeen Tashdjian

Today we’d like to introduce you to Ankeen Tashdjian.  Below you’ll find edited excerpts of our interview with Ankeen.   Can you briefly walk us through your story – how […]

You know.. just some Before & After Pics during the Summer

Consistency. Dedication. Passion. Determination.

2 Pounds Never Looked So Good

Do you want to look better in and out of your clothes, improve your health, and perform better in the gym? If so, go grab your scale and get rid […]

2.3 Million Pounds Later…

Wow, so I can’t believe 3 years has already passed since I opened the doors to KEEN. I absolutely LOVE what I do, and instead of ramble on about it, […]

Are you suffering from “Gymtimidation?”

  After class we typically gather around to stretch and chat in order to cool down and catch our breath. This particular evening I had two new ladies who had […]

Before & After: Strong Sisters Edition

Just wanted to share with you all our latest success story out of KEEN Fitness.  Meet Mineli and Preny, sisters on a mission to get fit, healthy, and happy.  Well, […]

WTF is Ankeen Saying?

WTF is Ankeen Saying? So it’s your first class at Keen Fitness and you have no idea what you are doing or better yet what you are getting yourself into. […]

Stay on Track! A gift from KEEN

Stay on Track! A gift from KEEN Hey Ladies – so you’ve probably heard me say in class that I need to workout so I can sign-off on my “sheet”. […]

My Dirty Little Secret

Ok ladies, its time I get something off my chest. I have a secret. I have had it as long as I can remember. I never wanted anyone to find […]

Keen Fitness Success Stories

Get Inspired by These Three Amazing Keen Fitness Members Who Worked Hard and Got RESULTS!   The girls at Keen Fitness have been working hard, and getting strong! They have […]

Happy One Month Anniversary to Keen Fitness!

It’s been one month since our awesome grand opening! We broke in our new home with the Keen fitness family and have been making ourselves at home ever since. Our […]