September is one of those months that it’s either very easy to fall of the band wagon, in terms of fitness, or you continue with your post-summer goals.  Typically staying motivated in the fall/winter isn’t easy, and Cheryl demonstrated a level of commitment and drive that’s beyond admirable.  She is a super busy lady, who works full time and has 2 young kids, but she always makes time for her fitness and health, and her results have been tremendous.  I’m so excited to announce her member of the month win this month, because she is a work horse, every day, and just gets better and better!  Check out our interview with Cheryl below:


Hey Cheryl congratulations on being this month’s member of the month.. so how old are you?

I’m 41 years old, and I’m a mom of 2 girls, ages 7 and 10.

How did you hear about KEEN? And what made you try it out?
My friend Dinah told me about.. She’s been telling me to join for so long but because my kids were little I didn’t have time really.  After the first time I came, I loved it but again didn’t have time to fully commit.  Then Dinah dragged me again, like a year later, for the Partner workout, and I was hooked.  Now I’ve been coming like 4-5 times a week for the past 6 months.  I absolutely love it.


What is the biggest progress you’ve had?
Strength and endurance for sure… and of course the muscle tone that comes with it.  I’m down 2 clothing sizes… when you look at the scale there isn’t much difference in pounds, but I feel it (and everyone else notices too).   Also I’m really proud of my commitment level, because I  have never stayed so regular to a workout.  I REALLY enjoy it!


What level of attitude do you bring to your workout?  How those that help you progress?
When I wake up in the morning, I feel like my body needs it.  Also, people around me encourage me… like my kids stretch with me, and they get so excited when I show them new exercises.  My kids are very active, and I have to keep up with their fitness level haha!


What’s one of your favorite workouts?
I love the Monday circuit, and the Thursday “killers”… I don’t think that’s the official name for it but that’s how I see it.  Oh and I LOVE Stephanie’s workout… you think to yourself, “this crazy workout came out of that little woman?” She’s a mighty little woman let me tell you!


So most women think lifting weights won’t help them achieve their goals.  In fact, they think it will do the opposite and make them “expand.”  Can you give us your feedback on that?
I totally disagree.  Before KEEN, I totally thought that would happen to me.. Because I have very broad shoulders, I automatically thought I would totally expand too.  But turns out that doesn’t happen.. You tone up and get tighter all over!!


Do your kids and husband know the level of bad ass you are?
Actually my husband gave me the gift of the membership… and no I didn’t get mad at him for that haha!  I was soooo excited that he did that for me.  My husband is VERY active too, and I wanted to be part of the “active” family.  So now I’m not left out in the fitness world in my household.

Any feedback about Ankeen?
Oh My God I love her.  She will tell you the truth to your face!  She really cares about us, our form, our proper body mechanics… professionally, I’m an occupational therapist, so this aspect of Ankeen’s expertise really matters to me.  She just genuinely cares about every single person in the gym.  This makes all the difference in the world… she pushes you to achieve your true best.


Tell us something that we don’t know about you?
I actually love playing golf… I got into it because my husband and friends play a lot.  But my husband doesn’t like playing with me, because we end of fighting on the course.


What advice would you give someone who is hesitant to try the gym?
That was me before… because I follow KEEN on Instagram, and I would think “wow at my age, there is now way I can do this”.  Then I saw moms, even older than me, doing amazing things so that excuse couldn’t work.  Then I used the excuse of “I have no time”, and I realized that was just an excuse.  Just try it and you’ll see how much you will surprise and amaze yourself.


What’s your jam right now?
I like upbeat, workout songs… but I also like to sing in the car.  I’m a terrible singer.  It takes an hour to drive to my mom’s house, and that’s a couple times a week, so I’m always dancing and singing in the car.


Restaurant:  I love sushi!  We are sushi people… oh and sake people.  Haha.  We really like Blue Fish in Montrose.  My 2nd choice with be Korean BBQ anytime… eat and drink forever.